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Here's What We're Up TO...

We're connecting moms to moms!!

Paraclete is a word from Greek. It means “one called alongside to help”; a comforter and advocate; one who encourages, strengthens, consoles, enables, protects, defends, intercedes, etc. Mommy-hood does not come with a handbook so we aim to build support systems around moms who could benefit from the support of a mentor mom.  


Legacy Empowerment Services, PLLC was born out of shared values with the ancient Iroquois philosophy called the Seventh Generation Principle. The Iroquois Nation of people endeavored to create a sustainable world by each member of their society deliberately choosing to live his or her best life. By doing so, the current generation was said to positively influence the subsequent seven generations.

Legacy Empowerment Services has a vision to build strong family legacies through empowered people. We accomplish this vision by creating safe spaces for survivors of childhood dysfunction that support transparent self-exploration, discovery and empowers the recovery necessary to bring about generational transformation.

We help our clients have a hand at writing their family's stories by rehabilitating their own lives. 

Legacy Empowerment Services offers brain-centric strategies to empower our clients to flourish in their relationship with self, loved ones, (co)parenting and fitness goals.   


Rehabilitate Your Fitness Journey Program

The Rehabilitate Your Fitness

Journey program is designed for

individuals who have struggled for

years with gaining, losing and

regaining weight. We will take the

frustration out of your journey by

finally dealing with the root of your

weight loss struggles. Lifelong

success is possible!

[Co]Parenting Support

There is no play book on parenting or Co-parenting.  Our services are ideal for first time moms and dads whom have experienced childhood dysfunction.  Our parents have decided to break generational curses by recovering from the effects of their own childhood upbringing so they may be empowered with the skills needed to shift their family forward. 

Experiential Individual Therapy 

Our ideal client may experience mild to moderate mental health symptoms.  They are generally stable and willing to commit to living a "therapeutic lifestyle". 


We do talk, but that's not all we do.  Our clients do practical activities outside of the actual therapy session...that's what a therapeutic lifestyle means to us. 

Science shows our brain heals by safe, incremental exposure to previously triggering stimuli.  It is in this exposure our clients are able to gain mastery over their past and empowered to change the narrative in their lives. 

Loving to Wholeness Multi-person Therapy

We heal in community! The Loving to Wholeness multi-person therapy programming offers a wide array of options to address rehabilitation from childhood dysfunction.  The goal is to honor the past while improving current life functioning.


What our clients are saying

Through counseling I'm learning not to hold judgments against myself for things I've done or experienced in the past.  No matter how extreme they may have been they don't define me, my present or future.  I won't let insecurities and shame keep me from experiencing the best life.  I have come so far.  Thank you Tysha.  



I write this note one year to the day of [redacted]'s first suicide attempt.  I must acknowledge the support of Tysha ho has been a rock star, a driver and one of the most (if not the most) knowledgeable providers of mental health services for my son; my joy.  

Ms. Pressley, unlike most women, was able to immediately connect with [redacted] and help him process his trauma in an age appropriate way.  I thank her from the bottom of my heart.  The new foundation he's building (with lots of support) started with Ms. Pressley.  I appreciate her ability to maintain calm in the midst of the be stern, yet supportive at the same time.  He has experienced so much trauma.  Yet I am so happy to have found the RIGHT trauma therapist there when we needed her most.  


Yes!!! We offer a sliding scale and are in network with several commercial insurance companies. 

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