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 Our gathering is all about you! 

This year's retreat is different.  No experts, just moms coming together to relax, reconnect with themselves and connect with other moms.  Guided mindfulness and nature based activities will be facilitated to assist you with maximizing your retreat time. 


We will gather at the beautiful Green River Wilderness Cove Outdoor Adventure retreat space located in 

Saluda, North Carolina

Friday, May 27th-Sunday, May 29th.

Enjoy nature and Mindfulness Based Activities with you in mind....

2021 Courageous Moms Retreat Recap

The Courageous Moms retreat is the proud recipient of a 2021 City of Charlotte Jumpstart Grant which allowed disadvantaged moms access to life transforming information, resources and community .  

If you would like to sponsor a deserving mom to attend this annual spring event, email us below. 


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