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What happens if you're still not satisfied with the image you see in the mirror?

What happens if your body isn't shaped like the ones mainstream society embraces?

What happens when...

...striving to achieve the ultimate body...



...and just life takes its toll on your body?

I hate to say it but Michael Jackson was on point. It really did start with the [wo]man in the mirror.

It gets to the point where you have to come face to face with yourself to make a choice between all the conflicting feelings and opinions in your head about your body.

That process can be a struggle for many.

The journey towards perfection ends up being about honoring what you see in the mirror because it is your own...intentionally selected by God for you!

Perfection is being aware of how truly good your body has been. It is looking into the mirror and sometimes totally disliking what you see YET celebrating the perfectly imperfect body that is.

My hope for every reader is that you will come to learn, embrace and celebrate your body in all of its awesomeness through the skills taught throughout this journal.

My hope is you will learn to speak kind words to your body because it truly does hear you. 

What they're saying about the Hello Body journal

I've been so ashamed about my weight gain this last year.  I wouldn't take pics or anything.  I would even get mad when my family would try.  It helped me realize how selfish of me.  They love me just the same, why would I not love me?  This is me, just a little more to share.  Balance is key and I am still beautiful.  Thank you for helping us be free.  


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Listen in to some Bodacious Body Love Girl Chat

With Wiltrina Jones of I Use To Be You Fitness 

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