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Physical Fitness x Mental Wellness is our JAM!!

Sometimes we wear the weight of our past in and on our bodies, let us help you with unpacking the weight...for good.

The RYFJ programs are beneficial for person whom have a good understanding of weight loss principles but need support with managing emotional eating or yo-yo dieting.  

Weight loss surgery fixes the stomach, not the mind. 

 The RYFJ programs are also a great option for individuals whom are considering or are post-op bariatric surgery.  


Our Foundations Course is a pre-recorded 90 minute download format of the full Rehabilitate Your Fitness Journey program. For the cost of one therapy session, gain skills to help you address your weight loss struggles from the inside out and maintain your fitness goals for life!

An added benefit of the foundations download is the ability to self-pace while learning to practice the skills in the full program.  

Just want a consultation? During your 45 minute consultation we will review your fitness history and goals. We will develop a personal success plan to enhance your journey based on evidence based strategies.

Generationally Fit Family Lifestyle Program

Our Generationally Fit Family Lifestyle  program is a family intervention for preventing and managing childhood obesity.  The strategy aims to promote children's development of healthy eating and activity habits by increasing parent's self-efficacy and sufficiency in managing their child's weight-related behaviors.  

The Generationally  Fit program is based on the evidence based model of care, Triple P-Positive Parenting Program , a multi-level system of parenting support.  This program is for parents of children aged 5-10 years.  It is an intensive  intervention that is implemented in a group setting. 

The program consists of 10 group sessions and 4 brief phone consults 

Listen in to the Be Amazing podcast interview as Tysha gets very real about her personal fitness journey and how it inspired her to help others. 

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