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Meet Tysha Pressley

Owner, Lead Therapist 

Tysha Pressley is the owner of Legacy Empowerment Services. Years ago as a young adult striving to live life on ​life’s terms Tysha was confronted with hindrances stemming from being a survivor of a dysfunctional upbringing. She started her own journey towards inner healing in order to thrive in every area of her life. What she soon discovered is that life-long recovery was challenging but indeed possible. Tysha now brings the same hope that is helping her triumph through life coupled with clinical insight, practical teaching and wisdom to others with similar backstories who want to live their best lives and have a hand in writing their family’s legacy.

Tysha has worked in the rehabilitation counseling field for eighteen years. She has assisted individuals and families in multiple modalities such as outpatient therapy, intensive in home, drug treatment programs, psychiatric residential treatment facilities, community support team and day treatment. She has had the honor of working with persons of every generation as they transition through life stress, chaos and challenges. 

Her passion, however, is empowering adolescents and young adults ages 13-35 whom have experienced trauma and/or dysfunction "rehabilitate" their life through their relationship with themselves and their loved ones.  Tysha also has a knack at using brain science to assist with losing and sustaining weight loss.  Her niche is bariatric surgery patients.    

Tysha is a licensed clinical mental health counselor with the NC board​ of Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors (7621) and a certified rehabilitation counselor through the commission of rehabilitation counselor certification (00090615). She is rostered through the NC Child Treatment Program to provided trauma focused cognitive behavior therapy a certified Dialectical Behavioral Therapist (C-DBT)  and also internationally certified to provide positive parenting program (Triple P) services. Tysha has training and experience in the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) via the Child Trauma Academy and Tysha's certification through the American Association of Bariatric Counselors is pending.  She earned her MSEd from Hunter College in 2005 with a specialty in chemical addictions.

Tysha enjoys integrating diverse treatment approaches to create unique, rich therapeutic experiences based on what is needed. She leans heavily towards a clinical orientation of cognitive behavior therapy which includes neuroscience, dialectical behavior therapy and Christian counseling interventions.  

It was not your fault but it is your responsibility to heal and become whole!

Tysha offers keynotes and workshops around transitioning out of trauma/dysfunction into wholeness.  Topics can be tailored to your needs but include: 

  • Managing mental health while transitioning through college
  • The unapologetic Black girls guide to bodacious body love
  • Mental health and weight loss
  • Black women and bariatric surgery
  • Loving to wholeness 
  • I'm a co-parent, where's my cape
  • Mothering when you were not mothered
  • Positive Parenting Strategies (Triple P)

Tysha consults with medical professionals, personal trainers, bariatric clinics and nutritionists to offer client support and agency training around using brain-centric mental health solutions to lose and sustain weight loss and manage body image issues.  


Tysha consults with childcare workers, parenting groups, residential treatment programs,  schools and community based programs to provide training and development around providing brain-centric mental health solutions to their clients.  


Tysha is a federally qualified expert witness for the Social Security Administration.  As a certified rehabilitation counselor, she is available to meet your private rehabilitation case needs which may include consultation in domestic cases, workers compensation, personal injury, Medicare Set Aside and employment discrimination.  


Healing the Hurt Conference, 2018

The LifeHer Podcast takes listeners on a journey from trial to testimony to uplift & inspire women to be themselves and understand that they are not the only ones that have been through life hurt and moments meant to break her. We want Her to know that Her love, Her Strength, Her Courage, Her Spirit, Her Life has so much meaning to what is reflective in the mirror. 

"Sanctuary Solutions!" This is a community outreach initiative created by the National Baptist Deacons Convention Young Adult Department. 

Listen in to this live panel discussion as we discuss topics such as church hurt, mental health, practical resources for the church body in need and more. The meaning of “Sanctuary Solutions" in this context is that instead of the church only offering spiritual solutions  (like just pray about it). 

Check out this hilarious, candid conversation with Von Clai of  "It's Your Day, VonClai" as we discuss body image, surgery and holistic health.  

Talking with Tabatha season 2, episode 1: Understanding trauma triggers with Tysha Pressley 

It would be my honor to help your organization or group "rehabilitate lives"

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