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We want to help you rehabilitate your life with the following resources

Download the 90 minute webinar to gain the skills to help you lose the weight and keep it off for good! 

Grown can be an exciting yet anxiety producing process.  It can trigger all the undealt with internal stuff we do not often visit.  If not careful, those triggers can cause us to stay stuck.  This download is geared to help keep you moving to accomplish your goals. 

Our first mind/body journal! A 21 day guided journal for all girls-young and old-who want to love their bodies more.  It's a little sista girl chat, a little therapy and a whole lot of bodacious body love. 

If you are considering or preparing for  bariatric surgery or just need a refresher this is the go-to resource for you.  All things prep with helpful tools for life after surgery.  

**Coming Soon** 

If you find yourself dreading the weight loss journey.  This download is for you.  Gain a better understanding of grace and how to live it out on your journey.   

**Coming Soon** 

Help diving deeper into body dissatisfaction.  Registrant will gain skills to improve their relationship with their body.  

So, you know you need the support of a mental health professional but you feel overwhelmed by the thought of it all or just can not figure out how to get started. I've got you! Written by a twenty year licensed therapist, My Therapy Companion is the step by step planner to help you not only get started but absolutely rock your therapy goals! Let's just say: My Therapy Companion is your accountability partner in a book.

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